Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back again

Well here I am again after a long, long hiatus. Why you may ask? Was he so stoned that he couldn't type? Or was he so satisfied with his pot recipes that he couldn't stop eating long enough? To tell the truth it was neither. I was in the real world working for a living. Time has finally come for me to relax and do what I want, that is kick back and enjoy life. I retired a few months ago so I have the time to write and have fun.
Out here in California, where I live, Medical Marijuana is legal. Not only in it's normal green form but as oil and as edibles. Yup, it's true, here you can go into a dispensary and buy a brownie, candy or even ice cream. Can you imagine taking care of the munchies before they start! Well I tried it. Didn't work. Sure the brownie was potent but let me tell you it didn't take away the munchies, just made them worse.
Anyway just thought I'd let you know I'm here and would love to hear from you, especially the stories that go along with the recipes. Thanks and happy eating.

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